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[Link] – Interview – Charles Hayward by Simon Reynolds

Posted in Link by Soundslike on March 3, 2009

Charles Hayward interviewed by Simon Reynolds

An outtake from Reynolds’ new book of post-punk interviews, ‘Totally Wired’ (UK/import only for now), this interview provides a nice overview of This Heat’s trajectory and Hayward’s pre-post-punk perspective on the late 70’s and early 80’s.  [Charles Hayward is featured here and here in mixes at Musicophilia.]

“And it’s important to me that music which goes ‘outside’ still has some sort of semi-folk basis in society. It belongs to a place and comes from a place. Which is something I always hear in Sun Ra. They were part of a community in Philadelphia and Washington, even though their music doesn’t overtly describe the situation they lived in. Everyone nowadays is basing their morality and ethics on gadgets, as if a sense of place doesn’t exist anymore. People feel dislocated when they haven’t got that.”

Read it at The Quietus

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  1. […] But an unfortunate side effect is that their brief years of existence can obscure the fact that drummer and mastermind Charles Hayward has continued to make riveting, artful, and often beautiful work for nearly thirty years since This […]

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