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[Audio] – His Name Is Alive – “One Year” (2001)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on March 6, 2009


His Name Is Alive – “One Year” (2001)

His Name Is Alive is never the same twice, for better or for worse.  Starting as 4AD-style acoustic vampire pop (or something) and passing through vibretto-less female-vocal bent Beach Boys deconstructions, I gather His Name Is Alive lost a lot of listeners with this one by doing the only thing that is too left-field for the lifelong left-fielders: making almost-straight-ahead contemporary R&B pop.  If you listen a little closer, there’s actually still plenty of weird there; and HNIA hardly set the charts afire with this one.  But I love it on its own terms:  fun, catchy, sophisticatedly understated, Top 40 one universe over from our own.

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