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[Audio] – 1981 ‘Briefcase’ Tracks, Part 1 (1000 Ohm, ABC, Absolute Body Control, Adam & The Ants, A Flock of Seagulls)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on March 7, 2009


Various – Tracks from the ‘1981’ Briefcase Disc, Part 1

For the next, oh, fifty weekends or so, it’s my intention to post several tracks from the ‘Briefcase‘ disc of the ‘1981’ box set.  To recap briefly: ‘1981’ was a 10-disc set; nine were themed mixes (and can be found at Musicophilia); and the 10th was an alphabetically-arranged mp3-disc catch-all, including over 250 tracks by an additional 230+ bands not heard on the main mixes.  The crazy thing about 1981 (representative of post-punk in general) is that there almost isn’t a bottom of the barrel–certainly the tracks on the ‘Briefcase’ disc don’t scrape it, in my opinion.  So if you like what you’ve heard on the mixes proper, you’ll probably want to keep tabs here at Musicophilia Daily–all future installments can be found at this tag.

So this weekend, we start at the beginning.  1000 Ohm and Absolute Body Control present catchy darkwave/DNW/synth-pop.  ABC are here with their first single, with a rawer, funkier sound (that I find, somehow, reminiscent of later Au Pairs).  And Adam & The Ants exploit the pirate-prince-Native-Burundi thing with a big wink and a little self-depricating/self-glorifying pomp.  A Flock of Seagulls might have already had the haircuts in ’81, I’m not sure; but their sound is almost Devo-esque (till the chorus floodgates open) and less slick than you might remember.

1000ohm1000 Ohm – “A.G.N.E.S.”

abc__tears_are_not_enoughABC – “Tears Are Not Enough”

absolute-body-controlAbsolute Body Control – “Is there An Exit?”

adam-and-the-antsAdam & The Ants – “Prince Charming”

flock-of-seagullsA Flock of Seagulls – “Telecommunication”

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  1. Tristan said, on March 10, 2009 at 6:45 am

    That’s my favorite ABC track. It’s like a bridge between funky post-punk and the stylized pop of its time.

  2. […] year or so, I’ll be posting several more tracks.  For a brief introduction to the series, read here; to download the main themed mixes from the 1981 set (which tend to feature somewhat better-known […]

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