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[Audio] – Daniel Menche – “Jugularis, Part 2” (2006)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on March 9, 2009


Daniel Menche – “Jugularis, Part 2” (2006)

You may want either headphones or very loud speakers for this one–laptop speakers aren’t going to cut it.  It’s a visceral experience, an instrumental you could almost call “NSFW”.  I don’t really know the school Menche is coming from, I’m not keyed in to whatever “scene” he represents (Portland’s under-the-underground).  To my ears, he’s a clear extension of musique concret, ‘Metal Machine Music,’ Bernard Parmegianni, Brian Eno.  This is Burundi or Kecak played by a dark metal band, run through about ten digital delays; Steve Reich’s percussion pieces on a bad drug.  It’s shaking, skittering noise, it’s maximalist-ambient, a monolith ringing out subharmonics–whatever–I just love it.  You will likely love it–or loathe it.


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