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[Link] – Blogophilia – ‘Mutant Sounds’

Posted in Link by Soundslike on March 17, 2009


Blogophilia – ‘Mutant Sounds’

Mutant Sounds opened my ears to the possibilities of music blogging, and I doubt I’m alone.  Sure, they’re not much for graphic design (see their signature header above), editorial consistency, proper tagging, or original commentary; and the sources for their stuff are sometimes a little unclear.  But there is no denying that if Mutant Sounds were a record shop, it would be in every music freak’s top 10–especially if, like the website, everything were free! At this point, it’s become a major archive of the sort of outre that gets the heart pumping: scuzzy cassette-only post-punk and RIO; forgotten Krautrock and DNW; the good sorts of prog and psych and neo-folk from every country imaginable; Sound Library and mutant-funk and proto-punk goodness; and innumerable oddities that are likely to go down well with any Musicophiliac.

Not everything is a direct hit–with literally thousands of records posted, that’s not surprising–but I wouldn’t deny that they’re tapping into the mainline of musical weirdness, and that at least a dozen albums I’ve first heard there have changed my musical life.  They focus on the (irrevocably, often unjustly) obscure via mostly out-of-print music, sometimes featuring records or cassettes of which there were probably a hundred copies in the first place, decades ago.  Sometimes, though, they feature things that are in print or at least are relatively attainable; and in those instances I’m happy to go and buy it, because it’s surely the sort of stuff that won’t last long from whatever tiny reissue label in Belgium or Greece is issuing it.  If ever there were an excuse for ponying up for a damned Rapidshare account, ‘Mutant Sounds’ is it.  If you don’t already know Mutant Sounds, you’re about to have a great musical month or three.

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