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[Audio] – Karla Schickele – “Room For Me” (2001)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on March 19, 2009


Karla Schickele – “Room For Me” (2001)

Karla Schickele (of Beekeeper, Ida, and K.) is one of the few singer-songwriter voices of the 90s/00s who’s stuck with me (along with Low).  She works in many ways within the paradigm, focusing on piano, spare banjo or guitar, small percussion instruments; but there’s always a quality to her music I can’t quite pin down that is anything but the sort of softness one expects from this music.  There’s an angularity, a geometric quality, a vivacious intellectual quality to her musical concepts that is subtle (especially on this track, from a self-released ‘Overnight’ EP) but comes through with repeated listens, especially on her piano-based tracks.  Small repeated pieces fit together in her music like tiny living clockwork.  Plus, there’s nothing wrong with being “pretty” when it’s this well done.


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