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[Audio] – 1981 ‘Briefcase’ Tracks, Part 3 (Babylon Dance Band, The Bangs, Beranek, Dara Bimbaum, Black Sheep)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on March 21, 2009


Various – Tracks from the ‘1981’ Briefcase Disc, Part 3

Here’s the third installment of tracks from the ‘1981’ box set’s catch-all ‘Briefcase’ disc, which featured over 250 further bands and tracks beyond the nine themed mixes in the set.  You can see previous installments and keep track of new ones with this tag.

Moving on alphabetically to the “B”s today, we’ve got a grab bag of playful tracks, including some from the zany end of the post-punk spectrum, along with a spot-on representative from the tiny but soon to be significant proto-C86/Paisley Underground 60s pop-rock revivalist school.  Babylon Dance Band (from Louisville, who would become Yo La Tango comrades Antietam) bring a little Midwestern lo-fi dance party not far in sound from the Bloomington, Indiana sound of the era.  The Bangs–who would quickly be much better known as The Bangles–are here with a little slice of 1967 pop with roots in the even earlier Girl Group sound.  Beranek were a Norwegian group working very much in the DNW idiom, albiet its sunnier side here.  Dara Birnbaum present a tiny bit of fast-paced collage from the ‘Just Another Asshole’ LP, a collection of minute-long tracks from arty New Yorkers.  Finally, Black Sheep of the RIO/ReR coterie convey a British take on a Devo/Midwestern-US post-punk “quirk rock” feel.

1000ohmBabylon Dance Band – “When I’m Home”

abc__tears_are_not_enoughThe Bangs – “Getting Out of Hand”

absolute-body-controlBeranek – “Crystal Dream”

adam-and-the-antsDara Birnbaum – “Kojak Wang”

flock-of-seagullsBlack Sheep – “Non Stop Fun Pop”

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  1. Moises Catherine said, on March 6, 2010 at 9:59 am

    could not aggree more. great post going to dig around and see what other stuff you have. Very Nice Blog!

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