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[Video] – Joni Mitchell – “California” (Live, BBC, 1970)

Posted in Video by Soundslike on March 26, 2009

Joni Mitchell – “California” (Live, BBC, 1970)

Singer-songwriter is for me like prog, metal, ska-revival, punk: a whole lot of utter detritus, pierced by moments of absolute brilliance.  For me, Joni Mitchell is the absolute pinnacle–‘Blue’ was one of the first albums I ever identified as a “favorite” as a small child (my mother would sing us Joni songs and play her guitar, her hippie youth waning but still vibrant, as lullabies).  And it remains a top-10 album, a quarter-century later.  Her voice aged well, in my opinion, and at this point I find later albums more “interesting,” and beautiful in their own ways–but ‘Blue’ is a solitary achievement, and it still makes my heart ache in a wonderful way however many hundreds of listens on.  Plus, I just love that dulcimer sound.


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  1. ohrensause said, on March 26, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    thanks for making me discover that wonderful video which i didn’t know. she is always so cute at these live performances in the seventies. the way she smiles when singing the word “california”, the way her voice goes up and up and stops just before it gets trembly. sending shivers down my spine. her vocals were at the height around “blue”. on her first album she is still training and her voice goes too high in certain songs. and she has lost a lot of her vocal spectrum in the last twenty years. her high range is basically gone. she sings alto now. all those cigarettes did no good to her vocal cords.

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