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[Audio] – Zoomers – “From the Planet Moon” (1981)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on April 2, 2009

Zoomers – “From the Planet Moon” (1981)

Baton-Rouge Louisiana’s Zoomers are from the grand tradition of weirdos making incredibly cool music far outside of anyplace where cool is usually produced, with the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Red Krayola, MX-80 Sound, The Residents, and later on the Flaming Lips or Neutral Milk Hotel.  Something about being trapped in a cultural backwater, way too smart and way too bored and way to drug-fucked for your own good. . . is really good for music geeks.  Zoomers are tangentally post-punk, but their sound is clearly from another time (though it wouldn’t have been mainstream in any era,) combining a stripped-down, bouncy psychedelia with excitedly-detached vocals that fit the contradictory phrase “cool as hell”.  Besides the Homosexuals reissues, the Zoomers ‘Exist‘ is definitely my favorite release from Hyped 2 Death, and very well worth your $9[Zoomers are featured on a ‘1981’ mix at Musicophilia]


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  1. […] where I heard most of these tracks, so go over there and buy a few things (I recommend the Zoomers).  This batch would largely fit right in on the ‘Cassette‘ mix from the set–in […]

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