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[Audio] – 1981 ‘Briefcase’ Tracks, Part 6 (Buzz, Cancer, Cardboards, CCCP-TV, Ceramic Hello)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on April 12, 2009


Various – Tracks from the ‘1981’ Briefcase Disc, Part 6

Here is the 6th bunch of tracks from the ‘1981’ box set’s ‘Briefcase’ disc, from amongst 250 further bands and tracks not found in the nine themed mixes in the set. You can see previous installments and keep track of new ones with this tag.

Moving on into the Cs, all credit is due Hyped2Death, where I heard most of these tracks, so go over there and buy a few things (I recommend the Zoomers).  This batch would largely fit right in on the ‘Cassette‘ mix from the set–in fact, a couple of these tracks were on the early versions of that mix.  The jubilantly named Buzz brings us an arpeggiated, galloping little rumination on the absurdity of life and death; whereas the morosely named Cancer bring a silly slice of nonsense-vocals about. . . who knows what, but it doesn’t sound that horrible.   The Cardboards shuffle along odd keyboard work.  CCCP-TV bring you something that sounds like an American single on Postcard Records about sex, and accompanying terrors and secretions.  Finally, Ceramic Hello create Ballard-informed darkwave electropop that can’t help sounding lovable and homemade, despite lyrics like “I lie in bed, laugh. . . and DIE”.  Fun stuff, really.

Buzz – “Life Ends”

Cancer – “000010”

Cardboards – “On the R to TZ”

adam-and-the-antsCCCP-TV – “Fear That Mindless”

Ceramic Hello – “Gestures”

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