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[Audio] – Debile Menthol – “Go-Jaunit” (1981)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on April 21, 2009

Debile Menthol – “Go-Jaunit” (1981)

This Swiss group walks the fine, sometimes precarious line between RIO-style prog and post-punk with great success.  While generally more Henry Cow or ‘Red’-era King Crimson than This Heat, they avoid most of the noodly show-off pitfalls of ur-prog, and instead give it a little muscular restraint and humor as they speed along.  This album, which I heard thanks to Mutant Sounds, reminds me most of Bill Laswell’s Material or the Belgians in the Honeymoon Killers/Aqsak Maboul, bouncing saxophones and vamping keyboards with odd percussion and kinetic, almost entirely rhythm-oriented guitar and bass.  I imagine if there really were Seychellian Circuscore Post-Punk, I imagine it might sound rather like Debile Menthol.  [Check out the whole record at Mutant Sounds.]


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