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[Audio] – 1981 ‘Briefcase’ Tracks, Part 8 (Club Tango, Colours Out of Time, Commercials, Concrete, The Conservatives)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on May 3, 2009


Various – Tracks from the ‘1981’ Briefcase Disc, Part 8

Today we’re making up for lost time, with two installments from the ‘1981 Briefcase,’ the catch-all mp3-CD found in the ‘1981‘ box set (from which eight of the nine main mixes are now available for download at Musicophilia). This is the 8th set of tracks.  Keep track of new sets with this tag; and don’t miss Part 7, posted earlier today.

In this set are five almost-unknowns.  Perhaps best are Club Tango, with a nice bit of bouncy, wry dance-punk.  There’s also the Colours Out of Time, who one might broadly lump with Echo & The Bunnymen or their American counterparts the Urban Verbs.  Rounding out the set is Scotland’s Commercials with a bit of that proto-indie Postcard feel; similarly lo-fi but considerably darker Concrete with some handmade nuclearphobia; and The Conservatives with a taste of things to come (at least in Southern California) with some 1981-style hardcore punk that will appeal to fans of bitchin’ Camaros.

Club Tango – “Performance”

Colours Out of Time – “The Waiting” (BBC)

Commercials – “Simon”

Concrete – “Uranium Plant”

The Conservatives – “Suburban Bitch”

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  1. […] You can see previous installments and keep track of new ones with this tag; and be sure to check out Part 8, also posted […]

  2. ohrensause said, on May 3, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    did you see this? there are at least eight australian post-punk tracks from 1981 there.

  3. Soundslike said, on May 4, 2009 at 2:51 am

    I missed that one, though I subscribe to that blog. Looks like a good selection–Phil T. at No Night Sweats has done a great job of getting that fecund little scene better heard. I’m happy I had the one song by The Goat that Went Om on the ‘Feet’ 1981 mix–added at least 1,000 people who’ve heard it : )

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