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[Audio] – ‘No Heroes’ Bonus Tracks, Part 1 (Agent Orange, The Cramps, Cristina)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on June 2, 2009


Various – ‘No Heroes’ Bonus Tracks, Part 1

Post-punkers were ardent futurists, concerned only with moving forward, striving for ex-nihilo expression, right?  Well, maybe rhetorically; but like everyone, they made art partly because they loved art they’d experienced.

Following the recent ‘No Heroes’ compilation at Musicophilia (with links to YouTube videos for the originals), here are some “bonus tracks” of more post-punk covers of classic rock/pop/r&b/jazz tunes.  In this set, we’ve got Agent Orange and The Cramps taking on surf rave ups, and Cristina adding a touch of classy schmaltz to The Beatles.

Agent Orange [Dick Dale] – “Miserlou”

The original by Dick Dale

The Cramps [The Trashmen] – “Surfin’ Bird”

The original by The Trashmen (covering/altering the Rivingtons)

Cristina [The Beatles] – “Drive My Car”

The original by The Beatles (in animated form)

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