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[Link] – Interview with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips at The Quietus

Posted in Link by Soundslike on September 27, 2009


Interview – Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips @ The Quietus

UPDATE: I’ve created a mix in response to the new Lips album called ‘Zygotic,’ exploring some of sonic spheres that gave birth to ‘Embryonic’.  Download it at Musicophilia.

You may already know, thanks to a now-defunct preview stream (at the Colbert Report’s website, of all places) or you may not–but the Flaming Lips are about to release what is arguably their best work ever–in their twenty-sixth year as a band.  I admit, I’ve never even heard their last album, and came to find the once-cute “Do You Realize?”-style bunny-costume and confetti and balloons and smiles shtick more than a little tiresome.  But ‘Embryonic’ is truly a new game for these “fearless freaks“.  Gone are the grins, and gone are the singalongs.  It’s not that this is “serious” music, as even at its darkest you wouldn’t call it glum–it’s just more artful and visceral than we’d come to expect.  It is svelte, carefully messy, taut and yet clearly created with greater abandon than anything the band has done since the parking garage/boombox/’Zaireeka’ days, and very definitely earns its “double album” length of 71 minutes–at least to ears that appreciate what Musicophilia is on about.  So it made me happy to read this little “interview,” which reads more like a one-sided narrative recollection on process and letting go, from Wayne Coyne:

It is kind of like waking up in the morning with blood on your hands and wondering . . . “What did we do last night?” Had we become some sort of werewolves and killed some innocent bystanders? I fear we have. But maybe the bystanders were our former selves . . . Our more crafty or calculated selves. Our less brave selves . . . Our less spontaneous selves. If those are the ones who have been mutilated maybe they got what they deserved . . .

Here’s hoping we can all experience, in whatever endeavors we undertake (including living), that sort of ability to become free–especially if we can do it in middle age, when we’re expected to be safe, pleasant and predictable.

[UPDATE: The Flaming Lips documentary ‘The Fearless Freaks’ is available to view free online here.  It’s worth your time, though obviously it doesn’t cover this new, exciting revival of the band’s artistic fortunes.]

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