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[Audio] – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – “Affection” (1979)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on June 21, 2009

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – “Affection” (1979)

In honor of Fathers’ Day, today I’m sharing one of my Dad’s favorite songs (at least of those I’ve shared with him over the years).  It’s one my faves, too.  I’ve known Dad to play this song several times in a row–and it deserves it.  Jonathan Richman is one of the few people I’ve ever seen who seems genuinely imbued with real, unadulterated kindness and an openness to the goodness of the people around him; and in that way he’s a lot like my Dad, one of the world’s true idealists, who makes it his business create the good he knows we’re all capable of achieving.  “Affection” is sweet, silly, and as a bonus it has that musical spookiness and energy we all love from the early Modern Lovers.  Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad!


[Audio] – Modern Lovers – “I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms” (1972)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on April 9, 2009

Modern Lovers – “I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms” (1972)

While more punkers and post-punkers probably cherished there Velvets and Stooges LPs, for me the Modern Lovers are the much more. . . realistic forebears.  Nobody could really expect to be as cool as Reed or Cale, as batshit as Pop–or at least their images.  Richman, Harrison, Brooks and Robinson–their non-image proto-punk was far more attainable.  I wonder how things might’ve been different if they’d been heard in ’72 instead of ’76 (and in the case of this track, ’81).  Of course, this romper with its deadpan but romantic lyrics and shards-of-guitar was still right on time even four (or nine, or 38) years late.  [The Modern Lovers are featured at their most unguarded in a ‘Miniatures: Lullaby‘ mix at Musicophilia.]

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[Audio] – 1981 ‘Briefcase’ Tracks, Part 5 (Boom, Bouncing Czechs, Bow Wow Wow, Braque, Bunnydrums)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on April 6, 2009


Various – Tracks from the ‘1981’ Briefcase Disc, Part 5

Only a couple days late, here’s the 5th group of tracks from the ‘1981’ box set’s ‘Briefcase’ disc, from amongst 250 further bands and tracks not found in the nine themed mixes in the set. You can see previous installments and keep track of new ones with this tag.

Nearly rounding out the “B”s, the first two here I discovered via the music-geek Godfather at Hyped2Death and his ‘Messthetics’ and ‘Homework’ compilations: we’ve got a cute one-off bit of political satire Reagan-era style from Boom; and surprisingly catchy prophesying about a post-apocalyptic world, looking back on a Cold-War-gone-hot 1992, from the Bouncing Czechs.  Then there’s Burundi-lite from Bow Wow Wow, who’re fun and actually pretty innocent despite Malcolm McLaren’s best efforts at controversy; zany hyperactive goofiness from Braque; and a Philly take on Mutant Disco/no wave dance-punk from Bunnydrums, who’d later carry on the post-punk torch into moodier and less twitchy  territory.

1000ohmBoom – “Nancy Packs A Piece”

Bouncing Czechs – “1992”

Bow Wow Wow – “Why Are Babies So Wise?”

adam-and-the-antsBraque – “Jeannette”

Bunnydrums – “Little Room”

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