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[Audio] – Chrisma – “C-Rock” (1977)

Posted in Audio, Link by Soundslike on March 4, 2009


Chrisma – “C-Rock” (1977)

A pre-Italo Disco take on Neu’s motorik, this track rockets down the space highway on its one-note bassline (my guess is “C”), skittery beat, spoken male/female vocals and helicopter-synth oscillations, fueled by pure coolness.  The fantastic Egg City Radio is sharing the full album. [Chrisma are featured here in an ice-hot guest mix at Musicophilia.] UPDATE: Continuing to have some difficulties with streaming–let me know if a track doesn’t work for you.


[Audio] – La Düsseldorf – “La Düsseldorf” (1976)

Posted in Audio by Soundslike on March 3, 2009


La Düsseldorf – “La Düsseldorf” (1976)

I can’t think of a better way to capture the feeling of a launch into new territory than with a motorik rocket from Klaus Dinger’s post-Neu! project, La Düsseldorf.  All three of their albums have recently been reissued by Water, and are thus quite affordable again.  Which means, as always–please, if you like it, buy it from a local-owned shop.